Wednesday, 27 October 2010


The London Borough of Harrow has become a new and valued Street Play correspondent.

The new pen pal arrangement came to life following an email from a Harrow resident to Street Play's inbox last June. The resident wanted to organise a Street Party with her neighbours but was having problems finding the £1600 that the local authority required to permit the necessary road closure.


Some might say Harrow likes its neighbour Hillingdon (normally they only consider cul-de-sacs for street parties!!) seems to find the idea of bunting and barbecued bangers beyond the pale and does all it can to deter their residents.

Street Play sent a letter asking for an explanation and after a month or two Harrow wrote back offering to reduce the charge, as a one-off for Street Play, to £300.

Street Play wrote back today and explained that £300 is still a lot of money for most Harrow residents and that with the growing popularity in Street Parties the council needed simpler and cheaper road closure procedures.

We await our new pen pals response.